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Welcome to Creatively Done .dot com, an internet mall for artists and crafters.  

An artist myself, I am always looking for ways to showcase my art and to help other artists showcase their art.  

So was created.  

We showcase Florida based artists and crafters, but welcome ALL artists to be included.  If you are an artist and do not have a website we can host your artwork here.    If you do have a website, we will be happy to showcase your work here, and provide a way for patrons to view your art, for free!

Make a selection from the Artist Directory, and browse at your leisure.  You can return and continue to browse around, like a leisurely day at an art show, click on one of the Storefronts and you will be sent to the artist's website!  Please return to view other artwork.

We can appreciate all forms of artwork, however, we reserve the right to not publish or promote any artwork or website that we feel is not suitable for all ages and races, at our discretion.  Please do not be offended nor think that this is censorship.  You are welcome to promote your artwork on other sites, just not here.   No pornography or other questionable content will be permitted.  Although 'nude' paintings are art, we still reserve the right to not showcase this art without edit, as a courtesy we will include a LINK to your site, but will not provide a preview on

If you would like to see something added to our site, please email us your suggestions or comments on how we can improve this site.    If you know of an artist that should be featured here, please send an email to us and let us know!! 

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