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doggoncafes_dreamcatcher.jpg (153236 bytes) Dream catcher:
The feathers were from a yellow napped Amazon parrot named "Pirate" (he only has one eye).  Pirate lives with Lucy a blue and gold macaw and Teeg, a Congo African Grey.  There are Austrian lead (emerald) crystals in the web and the yellow feathers in the center are combined with an antique bead from the 1940's from Czechoslovakia.    Glass beads are combined with "Pirates" feathers to create  an absolutely beautiful dream catcher.   ALL dream catcher's are custom made for your birth month and color preferences.   
baby_mocassins.jpg (211622 bytes)  Baby Moccasins.  I don't make the moccasins themselves, I buy them pre-made and I do the beadwork on them.  Small pair with this amount of beadwork $45.00
Deerskinbag.jpg (217812 bytes) Deerskin Bag:  this pouch is basically what has made me famous locally.  I buy full hides, and without a pattern, I cut out the components for the bag.  I don't measure it, just comes out the way I want.  I think some ancestor guides my hands. The beadwork is a basic rosette , 10 beads to an inch.  Rosettes are beaded first on what's called Stiff Stuff and then stitched to the bag.  The beadwork on the top and sides are beaded directly to the leather.  The fringe is hand cut, the bag is all hand stitched, no machines other than my hole punch and scissors are used.  These bags cost $30 to $50 depending on the beadwork involved.
elkbag.jpg (195851 bytes) Small Elk Bag:  the size of the bag is 5-6 inches long before fringe, and is made from elk skin.  Elk is much thicker than deer, but harder to find.  The rosette is a classic, "basket weave" design.  Again, all hand cut, no patterns.  This bag is $25. 
hairties_deerskinbag.jpg (198317 bytes) On either side of the bag are hair ties (set $15) and are hand beaded rosettes backed with leather for ties.  The bag is deerskin, with dentalia shell, mother of pearl shell discs and seed bead fringe. The little circles that circle the body and flap of the bag are also mop shell discs. $40.00
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